Will You Marry-juana Me?: 5 Smokin’ Tips for a Dope Weed Wedding

Will You Marry-juana Me?: 5 Smokin’ Tips for a Dope Weed Wedding

Did you know the legal weed industry’s expected to reach $146.4 billion by 2025?

Are you planning a weed wedding but aren’t sure where to start? Not to worry! In this article, we’ll go over five tips on how to have a marijuana wedding. You and your guests will have a unique and memorable time.

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Weed Wedding: A Guide

Try and find a wedding planner that can bring together your vision for the reception. Share with them what you’d like to see at your weed wedding.

They will have some ideas on how to incorporate marijuana into the dinner. Make sure to avoid these five wedding planning mistakes.

1. Open Cannabis Bar

Did you know that some wedding services have an open cannabis bar? There is a knowledgable server who works the bar.

They’ll stand next to the regular bar and offer a selection of various strains of gourmet marijuana. The server’s educated in all strains. Some bartenders will work with the marijuana specialist and make a unique drink.

For those wondering, cannabis continues to get legalized for recreational uses. This blog details how CBD oil’s legal in all 50 states.

2. Cannabis-Themed Tables

At a weed wedding, tables have a cannabis decoration. Centerpieces of flowers may have bud plants in them. Each table has a supply of weed to share among guests.

A wedding planner may place a glass pipe or bong for people to use on every table.

3. Gourmet Edibles

A cannabis chef incorporates weed-infused treats in the catering. Some edibles are too potent, so plan a certain number of edibles for each guest.

For example, a sativa edible will get your guests in the party mood. This is best handed out during dessert. Later in the night, a calming indicia blend is a wonderful gift to send out with guests, helping them get ready for bed.

4. Keep an Eye on Your Guests

At a marijuana wedding, food tastes better. People will feel relaxed and ready to celebrate. (Anewcareer) They’ll enjoy the music more than at a regular wedding.

With people focused on spending time with friends and dancing, they may not drink as much as they would. Keep an eye on your guests. You may have some cannabis novices. Suggest lower potency strains for these guests.

Have complimentary water bottles available, so people stay hydrated.

5. Cannabis Wedding Favor

A fun way to incorporate marijuana in your wedding is in a cannabis wedding favor. Send guests home with a weed lollipop, a custom edible, or a mini mason jar with gourmet joints. Guests can enjoy these wedding favors later.

Want to Learn More?

We hope these tips on how to host a weed wedding were insightful. Find an informed wedding planner in this particular niche and have fun. Make sure you have lower strains for novice users.

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