Things to Do in Amalfi Coast
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Things To Do In Amalfi Coast: Explore Italy To The Most!

What’s greater than a holiday on the beautiful coast of Amalfi in Italy. Italy is a place full of art and culture. Not only it is surrounded by beautiful structures and architecture, but it is also surrounded by the beautiful scenic view with mountains, rivers, lakes, and whatnot! This is a desirable place that you should visit at least once as it is a blessing for your eyes.

In this article, I’ll cover every detail you need to know if you want to visit Amalfi Coast. So without procrastinating, just tick your bucket list and pack your bags!

10 Things To Do In Amalfi Coast

Amalfi coast is the best tourist destination in the whole of Italy. The Amalfi coast is that spot in case you want to experience and feel life again. The serene beauty and the scenic view will amaze you. First things first, the trip comes with a cost. You need to decide the money you want to spend on the Amalfi Coast. Plan your trip accordingly and take subsequent money so that you don’t face any problems there.

Amalfi coast isn’t that expensive, but the accommodation and the hotel prices are way too high. In that opt for Airbnb services. It’s not that pricey. You need to spend at least a week there to explore the place properly and see all the spots located there. There are so many things to explore and enjoy that even a week feels less.

Exploring The Things To Do In Amalfi Coast

The main thing is to explore by staying in different places. That’s important. If you stay in a particular place for a long time then you can’t explore. Keep changing your stay to notice and explore more places. You can always locate different places from staying in one place but that won’t give you the experience of leading a common life there.

The best time to visit Amalfi Coast is from April to June. This is the most adequate the best visit Amalfi Coast as there won’t be a chill in the air and you will enjoy the summer weather.

Flowers are in full bloom during this time and you will enjoy your trip amongst nature. You can also visit during August as that time of the month offers favorable weather.

The most beautiful way to travel to Amalfi is to take a road trip by the coastline of Italy. The roads are carved beside the Tyrrhenian Sea, with vertical mountains carved on one side. The breathtaking view of the blue Tyrrhenian sea will please you.

If you are not accustomed to the roads of Italy, then you should probably skip driving, and you can rent a car instead. The roads of Italy are beautiful, and you can’t take your eyes off them. The preferable way is to take a bus or rent a car. So that you can enjoy the view properly. The bus also stops in some of the towns for a break where you can take a small coffee break or grab something to eat.

Things to Do in Amalfi Coast

1. Positano visit

Positano is primarily a western town in Amalfi and a town with beautiful doom houses and beautiful houses tumbling down the hillside. The church of Santa Maria Assunta is the most famous tourist spot here. It is said that Majolica tiles by which the church is made, a byzantine icon of a black Madonna was brought here by the pirates. There are so many tales in these places you can write a book about them.

At the beach of Marina Grande, you can do several activities. You can rent boats, row boats, paddle boats, sailboats, and motor boats and take a ride to the coast of Capri. But these come at a great price, and if you are willing to pay that, then you will experience a beautiful tour.

The next best thing you should do is visit the town of Sorrento.

2. Sorrento Visit

The city of Sorrento relies greater on tourism so it is relevant that the the city had its part of beaduty to amaze you. The town lies in the northern part of the Amalfi Coast and provides a greater experience on your tour.

Big houses and beautiful buildings with their vast history the city staff for a long time. The city is also known for producing Limon cello. While staying here, you must visit the vintage structure, the cathedral of Sorrento. It was built in the 11th century, which introduces as an old heritage.

The place has two ports as one is used for fishing boats and sailing boats. You can also visit the museum to take note of the historical moments. The Correale Museum and the Museo Della Tarsia lignea are the museums where you get to see beautiful representations of the historical displays. Visit the historical places because that will complete your trip to Sorrento. Just make sure you do proper tour planning. You can cover it in a day, but stay for 2 days at least to enjoy the place fully.

3. Visit Praiano

This place is located between the coast of Amalfi and Positano. This is a quiet place and you should visit here as you will like the experience here. Tourists don’t visit here often so you can escape from the crowds of the cities and you can visit here.

You can find some amazing coastal spots here. The town is situated alongside a mountain side and the houses hang from the cliff which makes the town look beautiful in its way. You can take a walk here and explore places as this place is so pretty that it deserves a walk with good music.

4. Town of Amalfi

The town of Amalfi will take you to a completely new world. World of throngs and colorful streets. This is the desired tourist spot, and you won’t find it empty ever. (Cialis) The place is almost packed with people striving for famous spots.

Here you’ll notice a particular thing, and that is the houses are color and aesthetic and mostly belong to the pastel family. This town is larger compared to the other towns we discussed as this town is the main region here and the main attraction here.

The main place to visit here is the Pizza del Duomo which is a cathedral and the most well-a known spot here that tourists don’t miss. The cathedral is beautifully striped with a stone engraved which makes it stands out from the others.

You can also take a walk through the town and visit the shops there. You can buy souvenirs for your friends and family and pack a bit of Amalfi for them way back home. Also, you can visit the beach which looks blue just like a lover’s eye. Visit the beach spend your time there and you won’t regret it.

5. The town of Ravello

Ravello is best known for its view and its picturesque place. It is situated on the top of mountains. Ravello is a much more relaxed place than any other town or the town we discussed earlier.

If you are visiting Ravello, you must visit Villa Rufolo is the main tourist attraction here. Though not many people visit this place, if you do, make sure you visit this place. This is a Roman Villa that offers a peaceful place for you to relax, and enjoy.

Several restaurants will make you drool and according to me, you must visit one of the restaurants to try out a famous Italian meal. With romantic music in the background and a beautiful ambiance will make your day much better.

If you are visiting Ravello, Piazze Centrale is a place where you must visit. The art gallery here will make you appreciate art even if you have zero ideas about art.

6. Beaches on the Amalfi Coast or own nearby

There are several beaches in the nearby regions of the Amalfi Coast. The town of Maiori and Minori is nearby the coast of Amalfi. You can visit these towns to enjoy the beaches it offers.

If you love beaches, then you must visit Maiori in Amalfi. The beach is beautiful as it contains beautiful sands and the beach is divided, where both the part is similarly beautiful.

Here you don’t need to spend more than 1 day as there is not much to discover here. You can stay here for a day, enjoy the beach, and explore caves in the Corso Regina. Explores street stalls and shops and the streets.

Things to Do in Amalfi Coast

7. Visit Cetera

You must visit Cetera as this is the most beautiful place out there. This place is known as a village as this place is small, and the place is extremely beautiful as well. Visit this place only if you have a day or enough time to visit. You can visit the main attraction here which is the fishing fleet where you can see many colorful boats.

This is the place where you get to try different types of seafood, and you try out those delicacies right here. This place is known for fishing and here most restaurants offer fresh fish and seafood items. If you are visiting here, do not miss these items.

8. Valle Delle Ferriere

The sound of waterfalls is bliss to your ears and especially in midst of absolute greeneries and away from the chaos.

This place right here is a protected area and is located in the province of Salerno. If you are someone who loves hiking and has a liking for adventure, then you must visit this place. This place is located in midst of a forest, and here you can even find cycling trails. This place is unknown to most tourists, and even if they know, they don’t visit here as they find this place is not that important or a famous tourist spot, and that’s what makes this place special.

9. Capri

This place is one of the most popular and desired tourist destinations. This place is beautiful and peaceful. The weather is also pretty favorable makes it great for the tourists.

You can visit Capri Via ferries as this lies close to the coast of Amalfi. When you are planning a trip to Amalfi, make sure to include Capri because without visiting this place, your trip will be incomplete.

With its ineffable scenic view, it has beautiful landscapes and beaches, and mountains. At night this place dresses up with pretty lights with music and a romantic atmosphere. This place is also suitable for being a honeymoon destination.

Take a trip to the Blue Cave Grotto, a cave complex that offers a trip by boat by the subterranean.

10. Amalfi Ride

You can’t miss this if you are visiting Amalfi. Take a boat trip to view Amalfi from a greater view. Book for the boat trip beforehand so that you don’t miss it. This is the most beautiful and relaxing way to view Amalfi. Not only Amalfi, but you can also view the neighboring towns too. If you are someone who craves to collect beautiful memories in life, then a boat tour with your loved ones is a must.

Things to Do in Amalfi Coast

Final Thoughts

I tried delivering all the relevant information about a visit to the Amalfi Coast. If you are hesitating, then look and think no further, just visit this gorgeous place as they always say, ‘better late than never.

I hope the article was relevant to your search and it was informative. Don’t forget to comment down below in case you have some queries. If you already visited Amalfi Coast, then share your experience in the comment down below. Till then, stai bene e abbi cura di te.

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