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How to Plan the Perfect Menu for Your Wedding Reception

Even though you’ve planned your wedding far out into the future, there is so much to do that you are left wondering if you’ll ever get it all done! Actually, it just takes getting organized so that as you get to each item on your “Wedding to Do List” you will have it all mapped out on what needs to be done. When it comes to the point where you are ready to plan the reception, this will be a multi-faceted task. 

Not only must you choose the venue, décor, and the entertainment, but there is a meal to be planned as well. With all the different tastes and dietary needs, this may be a bit challenging so let’s look at how to make it as simple as possible. Here’s how it’s done.

Choosing How Food Will Be Served

Before you go any farther, you must decide whether it will be a full-service sit-down affair or a buffet style banquet. Which you choose may depend on your budget, but you may prefer the elegance of professional servers caring for your guests. It may also depend on the venue. Sometimes they have the facilities to offer full-service dining and other times you may need to have food catered. In fact, even some caterers can serve your guests while others lay out the buffet table and replenish it as needed. Once this is decided, it’s time to plan the menu.

Consider Special Dietary Needs

One of the things you need to consider would be guests who have special dietary needs and restrictions. Perhaps you have grandparents or family members on either side (bride or groom) who have suffered a stroke and are unable to swallow safely. You can’t not invite them because they suffered a stroke, and you can’t expect them to choke trying to eat solid foods. 

However, you can plan for liquid dishes, hot and cold, that have been thickened with products like Simply Thick. Foods are pureed to a liquid state and then thickened to a smooth consistency much like that of pudding. They can actually eat all the same foods as the other guests as long as there is someone to puree each dish and then use the thickener as needed.

Then, diabetes is more common than you might imagine so you may have diabetics on your guest list. They will require a special menu with foods they can eat without going into diabetic shock – and it really can happen!

Ask Your Guest List About Known Food Allergies

Also, make sure that when responding with their menu choices your guests should notate any food allergies. The most common are dairy, peanuts, and shellfish, so you need to advise the kitchen staff that these plates cannot be cross contaminated. You wouldn’t want your guests going into anaphylactic shock, would you?

Remember – Presentation Is the Name of the Game

Finally, remember that presentation is the name of the game in any fine dining setting. Whether you choose edible flowers in the colors of your bridal bouquets or other embellishments to the plates, presentation can make or break even those award winning entrees being served. Now that you have an idea on how to plan that wedding reception meal, you can see it really wasn’t all that complicated. Just stick to the plan and you’ll do fine.

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