The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes!!!


Halloween weekend is over and passed. Even though Halloween was a spooky celebration, celebrities have already sported the costumes they love on Instagram and IRL beginning on Thursday. The most famous and best celebrity Halloween costumes have always attracted attention and continue to attract interest.

Parties were going on, including at The Standard’s Boom Boom Room in New York City. The crowds were seen with their families and enjoyed as much as they loved dressing up for the occasion. For instance, Mark Ronson and Grace Gummer as the couple from Rosemary’s Babies, Emily Ratajkowski as a cowgirl, and many more.

Let us see the best celebrity Halloween costumes!!!

Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron took to TikTok to show off her dress that resembles Olivia Wilde’s Quorra costume from 2010’s Tron: Legacy In the clip, the actress sported a skin-tight black and white dress that is zipped up to create a revealing look. In addition, the makeup is flawlessly executed and slick. And the tucked-in emerald-colored wig is sure to make it one of the best celebrity Halloween costumes from her wardrobe.

Kendall Jenner

Do you remember when Kendall Jenner couldn’t find the right way to cut an avocado? However, Kendall Jenner can have fun and share her laughs with the rest of the world. One of the most memorable and best celebrity Halloween costumes she was seen wearing this year was a cucumber costume. Kendall shared a stand-alone image of herself in the form of cucumbers! Cucumber!

The model, a half-sister to Kim Kardashian, in the hilarious caption, wrote, “I’m giving out fruits and veggies tonight.” This is an intelligent attempt to rectify the culinary incident that occurred in the last year. But, unfortunately, it will remain on the internet and function as a meme for a long time.

Cardi B

best celebrity halloween costumes

In photos on Instagram, Cardi sports the signature and the best celebrity Halloween costumes of the season with a Lego-yellow skin tone and a soaring blue hairstyle. But, instead of the traditional shift dress in green with flats and a lace-up dress, Cardi puts on Mrs. Simpson’s signature look. And it is the green corset and the red sky-high patent pumps.

The corset was draped gently over her shoulders and featured boning contours and an elongated neckline. Cardi chose a chunky and stacked outsole set on an 8-inch thin heel for the shoes. To make the most of the moment, Cardi wore “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker accessorized with a striking necklace of beading and striking blue winged eyeliner with edgy red lipstick.

LiL Nas X

The Grammy winner shared photos sporting Ice Spice’s style from her video of 2022, Munch. This is one of the most and best celebrity Halloween costumes for males, and he’s perfected her style from the video and her dance moves.

Nas made the same look as Ice, wearing the blue denim booty short and wrap-around crop top over his chest in neon. Nas shows his skin with a cute look, just like Ice Spice in the Munch music video.

The rapper did not leave out the famous orange-colored locks that Ice is wearing in her YouTube video. He finished the look wearing white socks, shoes, and long, orange nails. He also wore the gold-colored chain Ice wears in her music video.

Nas also uploaded lip-syncing clips to TikTok and then broke into an impromptu dance to the famous Munch lyrics. It’s impressive, and it’s not surprising how well he copied Ice’s behavior.

Lily Collins

Lily Collins just shut other people by creating unique Halloween costumes. Lily Collins, the Emily in Paris actress, was on social media to share her best celebrity Halloween costumes with her followers online, sparking speculation about her pregnancy with her figure-contrasting appearance.

33-year-old Lily dressed in an avocado costume for Halloween. She wore an inflatable outfit for the celebration. Lily shared her look on Instagram with a sweet caption that captions the video of her preparing toast while sipping the red Solo cup “Cheers to my favorite snack, avocado toast. Get it?? I’m sorry, and you’re welcome! Happy Halloween!…”

She finished her sassy look by wearing the black skin-tight top underneath the coveted outfit, with black leggings and a pair of comfortable sneakers.


The 34-year-old posted a photo on Instagram the day before to pay homage to her “forever icon,” Miss Piggy, by reimagining one of her iconic photo shoots from the 1980s. “A tribute to my forever icon, MISS PIGGY. The epitome of grace, style, confidence, and a warrior for love. @realmisspiggy, i love you,” Lizzo wrote. She posted sultry pictures of her in a naked bodysuit with a faux snake.

The Grammy-winning artist donned a blonde wig, pig ears, and a nose to transform into a sexy porker. It’s one of her best celebrity Halloween costumes to date. The singer also posted a flirty picture of her wearing just the fur blanket while relaxing around the fire.

Van Hunt and Halle Berry

best celebrity halloween costumes

Halle Berry stunned her fans by taking to social media with stunning Halloween photos and showing off her newly renovated home to celebrate Halloween.

Halle Berry, 56, has impressed her fans with gorgeous cleavage-baring Halloween photos. However, her Instagram followers were also taken by her spooky home. The Catwoman actress was seen with her partner Van Hunt, 52, to celebrate the spooky festivities as the couple transformed their home with many pumpkins.

She wrote, “A thriller night, indeed. Happy Halloween, everybody.”

Halle was hosting the Halloween celebration at her house and had a black velvet and red laced dress with matching fishnets. It was one of her most memorable and best celebrity Halloween costumes. Her makeup was dark red gothic eyeshadows with blood-red lips. She completed her look with a wavy black hairstyle.

Kacey Musgraves

The Grammy Award-winning artist posted a funny new TikTok video in which she poses for pictures taken by her boyfriend, Cole Schafer, while dressed as the main character from the 1964 children’s novel “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein. It was the best celebrity Halloween costumes of her to date.

Her outfit featured the trunk of a brown felt tree accented with green foliage and an apple-shaped red clutch. Beige socks rounded out Musgraves costume with a comfy base. In addition, Schafer contributed to her costume’s humorous aspect by dressing as Silverstein.

Nicki Minaj

The rapper decided to turn into a fashionable Cinderella or Chunderella for Halloween, as per a rewrite of a caption. “And as she heard the whispers, Chunderella snickered,” she wrote. “The ugly/evil stepsisters had EVERY RIGHT to bicker (through their blisters!) After all, deep down inside, they knew they’d never fit the glass slippers… The END.”

Minaj posed with the tiara, blond wig, and an architectural version of Cinderella’s iconic blue dress. But the Harajuku Barbie proved once she was turned around to show that her rendition as the Princess is her “Super Freaky Girl,” including two NSFW cutouts carved from the dress’s backside.


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